New Jersey Cannabis Training Program

A comprehensive educational program that covers the topics required by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission to fulfil the requirements to get a Cannabis Business Identification Card

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Anna Schwabe


Why this course?


This comprehensive course was developed to provide individuals working in the cannabis industry the knowledge and background they will need to navigate the cannabis industry space effectively and legally in New Jersey.  We developed this training and education course to cover all the required topics outlined by the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission Special Adopted New Rules in the Personal Use Cannabis Rules.

We have gathered together a group of Cannabis experts to ensure we are providing individuals with an accurate and deep understanding about the history of Cannabis and the events leading up to and including the current state of the Cannabis plant, products, and industry. We will dispel myths and misinformation that is rampant throughout all arms of the industry and aim to comprehensively educate all who will be involved in the Cannabis industry in New Jersey.

Upon completion of the course, individuals should have a high level of knowledge spanning multiple fields in the cannabis space that will prepare them for industry positions including cultivation, manufacturing, production, retail, and current and changing policies and legal aspects. Individuals should be able to effectively describe and communicate various aspects of Cannabis including the plant, history, scientific/public perceptions, phenotypes, phytochemistry, testing methods, cultivation, processing, products, pharmacological applications, health risks, legislation, and policies.

Course Curriculum

How to Use

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